This is a test for the corpus callosum. If you touch someone lightly on the inside of his fingers with his hand behind his back where he can't see what you did, and then you ask him to show you on the other hand where he was touched, that information has to go through our old friend, the CC.

The CC is fully matured by about ten years old, so no adult should make more than one or two mistakes on this. If you find someone with reading problems who is intelligent, makes mistakes on the rnisspelled homophones and blows the tactile localization test, you are as sure as you are going to get in this world that you are looking at dyslexia.

Here is how you do it:

Have a child's paint brush ready for light touching. Imagine the finger broken into three sections called "pads" separated by the joints.  The three sections are the fleshy parts of the finger. You will touch either the far pad (fingerprint area) or the near pad next to his palm (never the middle one.)  Have your friend hold out both his hands, palms up, fingers spread out, one in front of him and one behind. Explain that you will be touching the fingers on the hand behind him where he can't see it.   He is to point with his thumb on his front hand to where you touched him. Hold out your own hand, touch one of your fingers, and ask him where he would point on his own hand. Do this with several spots on both the inside and the outside joints of your fingers until you know he has the idea and never tries to touch that middle joint. Warn him that when you have touched the hand behind him, he is NOT to wiggle those fingers at all. (see photos)

Touch him twice on each location on each finger, skipping around, of course, making a total of 16 touches, four to a finger, on each hand. Make sure your touches are light and quick! Mark on your diagram of the hands, the spot where you touched him. If he identified it right, make an 0, if he pointed to the wrong spot, make an X. If he makes two or more errors, his CC is not transferring information from one hemisphere to the other quickly and accurately. Bad sign.






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