Volume 1 • #80 • March 2009


With school budgets shrinking until they are wrinkled, unemployment going through the roof, credit card debt outta sight, and high school dropouts sliding to the bottom of the unemployable list, it would seem a good time to take stock of how dyslexia may be inadvertantly contributing to the general misery.  We all know that SPED costs are astronomical and often virtually useless since they rarely produce fluent readers.  We know that the Orton Society did a study a few years ago which found that something like 80% of all young men in local lockups (not your serial killers) are very poor readers and a large number of these were also dyslectic. This is hardly surprising since a bright kid who is a good reader isn’t going to quit school without a diploma.

But it gets worse. In Boston, WBUR and WGBY are doing a study on the costs of dropouts in general-- not necessarily dyslectic.  Apparently a dropout is eight times more likely than a high school graduate to end up behind bars.  Expensive?  Hold your breath.  In Massachusetts it costs $80,000 per year to keep a person in jail, whether he can read or not.

But how about the law-abiding dyslectic citizen?  If he leaves high school without graduating, it can still cost the state $455,000 over his lifetime from assistance payments or just lost taxes that come from lower life time earnings.

Well, as Suzie Orman would put it,  “Can we afford it?”   It doesn’t take Suzie Orman to label that one, DENIED.

Enhanced Lateralization, the delivery technique that by-passes the poky corpus callosum, is the thing that enables phonics to “take” so that the student can learn to read. In this day of economic disasters all over the globe , it is worth pointing out that  EL enables any phonics program to take.  So if little dyslectic French kids can learn their French phonics without using their poky CC’s, they will be able to read French.  Dutch kids taught without using the CC, can learn Dutch.  Every European language has a phonics program for its beginning readers.  Enhanced Lateralization can be combined with any alphabetic language because it is the delivery system that does the trick.

OK, so the amount of money I described that can be saved is a drop in the Atlantic Ocean compared with mind-boggling figures we see every day in the newspapers.  But it’s the best I can do, outside of driving a Prius.




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