Volume 5 • #3 • March 2006


We are about to have another baby, and this one bears a strong family resemblance to the previous one--  round and flat with little grooves all over it.  The last baby was the Phonics Book on a disk, and this one will be the spelling exercises on a disk.  I have been told by people who know, that virtually every kid in the world already has a small, $18 CD player, and besides, the $20 mono tape players I have always used are becoming hard to get. So even if a child is too young to have a little CD player already, (is that possible in these electronic days?)  it is easier to get him one than to try to find a tape recorder.

If a student already has a CD player, he undoubtedly owns a music disk, so he only needs another one to play the spelling exercises.  The two earplugs that he uses, one for each recorder, are already in the kit.  These handy CD players can avoid the problem for a school teacher of having to rewind and fast forward between students. It will be a few weeks before the new babies are available, and even after we can send them out, we will continue to include tapes as part of the kit until our current supply runs out.

Getting the spelling exercises onto a CD already made me feel terribly mod, which is not hard at my age, but it recently got worse. I now have a blog!  It was awhile before I found out what a blog was, but I’m told that it is a way for people with similar interests to chat with each other.  So blog away on, and if I can figure out a way to write on it, myself, I will, too.  Could be fun.



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