You will need the Reading from Scratch material available by clicking here or calling 1-888-848-6243 in the U.S. and Canada, or 1-603-621-7612 from anywhere else.  The package costs $153 and includes:

  • 2 little pocket radio/recorder earphones. Example: Radio Shack Catalogue #33-175B
  • 3 RfS Spelling tapes
  • a set of magnetic lower case plastic letters
  • The RfS teaching material
  • Disarming Dyslexia

You will also need:

  • two inexpensive tape-recorders
  • a couple of music tapes of your choice
  • one piece of cardboard, roughly 6x9 inches, or a pair of glasses with the right lens removed and the left one covered inside with masking tape

A word of warning! Signals criss-cross in the brain. If you want something to go into the left hemisphere, you have to feed it into the right side of the head. The taped words must go into the RIGHT ear and the music in the LEFT ear.

Another word of warning. This kind of remediation requires a lesson every school day, just like the rest of schooling. You can't learn to play the piano by taking one lesson a week and hoping for the best. You have to DO it and DO it, over and over until your muscles learn. Changing the way the brain operates also requires a year of consistent practice. Don't start if you plan to be halfhearted. You will only disappoint yourself and your pupil.

And one last word of warning: If you plan to teach, read the material over before you start and FOLLOW IT TO THE LETTER. Don't improvise, and above all, don't change the order in which the lessons are presented. You can go through it quickly if your pupil has only a mild case of dyslexia, but DON’T SKIP ANYTHING!

Incorporating EL in Your Lessons

Recorder Set Up

How to Hold Cardboard


An alternative to the pocket earphones is: 

1. One set of padded (not Walkman) stereo earphones

2. A Y-cord, available at electronic stores like Radio Shack

The Y cord has a thick tube on one end into which you will plug your stereo earphones. On each of the other two ends there is a male plug which must be plugged into the output, or auxiliary, jack of the recorders. You may need to get a couple of adapters, if the Y cord plugs are too big for the little jacks in your recorders.

Confused? Look at the picture of the recorder set up below.


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