None of these students had any training in handwriting during their EL lessons, and tutors had only three hours training from me.

Ashley P., 8 years old, I.Q. 107
Gilmore Reading Accuracy: 2.3

apbefore8.gif (15211 bytes)

Ashley P., 8 years old, after 10 months with RfS
Gilmore Reading Accuracy: 5.2

apafter8.gif (13881 bytes)

Frank B. 7 years old, I.Q. 110
June 1996, Reading Accuracy: 0

FBbefore8.gif (10329 bytes)

Frank B. 8 years old, after one and a half years in RfS,
Reading Accuracy: 6.4+

Fb.gif (14871 bytes)

Boy, 8 years old, I.Q. 100
bsbefore8.gif (2557 bytes)
Same boy, 8 years old, after 6 months in RfS

bsafter8.gif (5969 bytes)

38 Year Old



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